Darrel Ralph Madd Maxx

Darrel Ralph Madd Maxx

I like the idea of having a personal "survival" knife. A single knife that is versatile enough to handle any task, tough enough to survive any environment, and still practical enough to be carried everywhere I go.

I like frame locks because they are mechanically simple, therefore reliable, and because they are strong. I like titanium frames for their strength and light weight. I like a blade that won't rust but will still hold a great edge, which means Talonite or Stellite. My favorite blade shape is a recurve because it does so many different tasks well. I like guards to protect my hands. And a 102mm (4") blade is my best compromise between utility, comfort, and carry limits.

Knifesmith Darrel Ralph made me a knife that not only meets all of my criteria, but looks good while doing it.

Dirk Pinkerton drilled and tapped the handle so the clip can be reversed.

Maker Darrel Ralph
Model Madd Maxx
Custom made
for Bob Quinlan
Overall Weight 125g (4.4oz)
Length 222mm (8.75")
Thickness 11mm (0.45") / 18mm (0.72")
Closed Length 119mm (4.7")
Blade Length 102mm (4.0")
Thickness 3mm (0.115")
Grind Hollow
Material Talonite
Finish Ceramic Peened
Frame Material Titanium
Finish Blue Anodized
Ceramic Peened
Opener Flipper
Lock Right-Hand Frame
Clip Customizer Dirk Pinkerton
Material Titanium
Carry Right-Hand
Tip-Up or Tip-Down