Spyderco Mini Dyad

Spyderco Mini Dyad

The Dyad offers two very different blades in one small package. The clip-point has a very sharp point and a plain edge for fine work. The sheepfoot is serrated for ripping through straps, cord, and rope while the blunt tip keeps it from accidentally cutting whatever is bound. It also has the elegant looks and small size to make a good gentleman's knife.

Maker Spyderco
Model Mini Dyad
Item C39P&S
Overall Weight 65g (2.3oz)
Length 142mm (5.6")
Thickness 11mm (0.43") / 15mm (0.59")
Closed Length 79mm (3.1")
Blades Length 58mm (2.3")
Thickness 2mm (0.078")
Material ATS-55
Hardness 59-61 HRC
Finish Polished
Grind Flat
Grind SpyderEdge Serrated
Scales Material Black Micarta
Openers Round Hole
Locks Front Lock
Clip Material Stainless Steel
Finish Black
Carry Right-Hand