Lumen Ratings:

Battery Types:

Name Voltage Capacity Chemistry Rechargable Length Diameter Notes
18650 3.7V 2400 to 3600 maH lithium ion yes 65mm 18mm  
AA 1.5V 2700maH alkaline no 50.5mm 14.5mm  
14500 3.7V 600 to 750 maH lithium ion yes 50mm 14mm Similar in size to AA.
AAA 1.5V 1200maH alkaline no 44.5mm 10.5mm  
CR123A 3.0V 1500maH lithium manganese dioxide no 34.5mm 17mm  
16340 3.7V 550 to 750 maH lithium ion yes 34mm 16mm Similar in size to CR123A.
10440 3.7V 300-350maH lithium ion yes 44mm 10mm similar in size to AAA.
10180 3.7V 65-100maH lithium ion yes 18mm 10mm  
CR2032 3.0V 225maH lithium manganese dioxide no 3.2mm 20mm  
CR2016 3.0V 90maH lithium manganese dioxide no 1.6mm 20mm  
CR927 3.0V 30maH lithium manganese dioxide no 2.7mm 9.5mm  
LR41 1.5V 32maH alkaline no 3.6mm 7.9mm Same as LR736