American Tomahawk Brend Hatchet

American Tomahawk Brend Hatchet

This is a handy belt-sized hatchet that is effective as a tool or a weapon. The regular grip is comfortable for chopping while the upper part of the handle can be held for precision cutting. The blade is as sharp as a good knife and tough enough to maintain its edge under stress. The rear spike is beveled but not sharpened, leaving it strong enough for jobs that require prying or puncturing.

The kydex belt sheath is designed to hold the hatchet inverted along the right side of the back. The handle rests between the spine and shoulder blade. In this position I can walk, sit, or even drive in complete comfort while wearing it and still draw it easily.

Justin Gingrich of Ranger Knives did the custom work for ATC.

Maker American Tomahawk
Model Brend Hatchet
Customized for
Bob Quinlan
Customizer Ranger Knives
Overall Weight 595g (21.0oz)
Length 330mm (13.0")
Blade Length 84mm (3.3")
Thickness 7mm (0.276")
Material Diamondite
(enhanced CPM 3V)
Finish Polished
Head Length 178mm (7.0")
Handle Material Desert Ironwood
Sheath Maker Survival Sheath Systems
Material Black Kydex
Orientation Variable
Attachment TekLok
American Tomahawk Brend Hatchet (sheathed)