EOD Robotics Breacher Bar

EOD Robotics Breacher Bar

This tool has a flat grind on the front and a chisel grind on the top, but none of the edges are actually sharpened. It is designed for prying, wedging, and pounding rather than cutting.

I customized mine to better suit my needs. I ground the rounded back edge flat for a couple of inches at the top to use as a hammer. I wrapped the grip area with black 550 cord and ground in a forefinger groove. Since mine is normally carried in a pocket I made a simple kydex cover for the "blade" portion of the tool.

Maker EOD Robotics
Model Breacher Bar
Overall Weight 232g (8.2oz)
Length 216mm (8.5")
Width 32mm (1.25")
Thickness 5.6mm (0.22")
Material 1045 Steel
Hardness 45 HRC


  • pry bar
  • chisel
  • hatchet
  • hammer
EOD Robotics Breacher Bar (sheathed)