BurkTek PocketWrench II

BurkTek PocketWrench II

This tool is only 3mm (1/8") thick, but it provides several handy functions. Among other features, I really like having a small prybar with me. It keeps me from needing to misuse my knives or screwdrivers for that purpose.

Maker BurkTek
Model PocketWrench II
Overall Weight 57g (2oz)
Length 102mm (4")
Width 25mm (1")
Thickness 3mm (0.125")
Material 420 stainless steel
Finish brushed


  • wrench
    • 3/16"-11/16"
    • 5mm-17mm
    • Maximum Torque: 34Nm (25ftlb)
  • large screwdriver
  • short prybar
  • 6mm (1/4") hex bit driver
  • ruler (2in / 5cm)