Victorinox Deluxe Tinker

Victorinox Deluxe Tinker (cocobolo)

The Deluxe Tinker is a perfect complement to most plier-type multi-tools.

Grant Lamontagne made rounded scales from cocobolo and fitted them to a standard Deluxe Tinker for me. The resulting knife is a bit thicker than the usual version, but it feels a lot more comfortable in the hand.

Maker Victorinox
Model Deluxe Tinker
Item 1.4723
Customizer Grant Lamontagne
Overall Weight 125g (4.4oz)
Thickness 23mm (0.9")
Closed Length 91mm (3.6") 91mm (3.6")
Scales Material Wood Cellidor
Color Cocobolo Cobalt Blue


  • large blade
  • small blade
  • scissors
  • large screwdriver (6mm)
  • small screwdriver (3mm)
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • small pliers
  • wire cutters
  • can opener
  • bottle opener
  • hook
  • reamer
  • punch and sewing eye
  • tweezers
  • toothpick*
  • ball point pen*
  • straight pin*
* = Cellidor version only
Victorinox Deluxe Tinker (blue)