Early on Caspian developed a poised and regal manner. We named him after Prince Caspian from the C.S. Lewis Narnia series, which includes Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia. As he grew into a very large and elegant cat the name fits even better.

Caspian was only a few weeks old when Bob and Rox got him on October 7, 1994. He came from a privately-run animal shelter in Campbell, California. His family had been rescued from the attic of a house that was about to be demolished. As soon as Rox picked him up he started to purr. He never entirely stopped.

Aslan helped raise Caspian. Aslan's big floofy tail, which was always upright and in motion, made the world's best cat toy. Caspian would jump off furniture and attack it viciously. Sometimes he would end up on Aslan's back or flank, clawing and biting and yowling, apparently in fun. We were lucky that Aslan's undercoat was thick enough for him not to feel the points. He always faced the attacks with indulgence and usually played along. It was interesting to see a three-pound kitten "vanquish" a 30kg (65lb) dog.

When he was still tiny Bob told Caspian that he would grow up to be a Mountain Lion. Apparently he took this to heart, because he ended up a long and lean 8kg (18lb). Although, we really think he looked more like a panther.

Caspian was our cuddle cat. He tended to be cautious around strangers, but once he got to know people he liked to lie next to or across them. Bob usually went to sleep with Caspian snuggled up along one side.

Caspian passed away on May 11, 2009 in the arms of his loved ones. We will always love and remember him.