Magic (full name: Ladies' Magic Quinlan) was one year old when came to us in September of 1998. He was born on the floor of a barn that was covered with chicken manure. He caught salmonella almost immediately. Despite treatment he could not walk for four weeks. After some time at a Dreamtime Sanctuary (a private animal shelter near Elgin, Texas) we took him in.

When we adopted Magic we had no way of knowing whether his joint problems were going to keep him from being able to carry a rider. As a result we have brought him up more like a dog than a horse. It seems to have worked out well for all of us. Meanwhile, he reassured us about his health by casually leaping the two-and-a-half meter (8') fences of his pen when he became bored.

Magic's father was a Clydesdale. At one year he was already the biggest horse at the stables. We waited until after he turned three to begin his training, because he just kept growing. Now Rox is finally able to ride him.

Several bad falls and a broken pelvis forced Rox to stop riding Magic for an extended period. He went back to Dreamtime for care and company while Rox was recovering. During that time another family fell in love with Magic. Since it seemed to be mutual we agreed to the adoption.