Oolong's head shape and bearing remind us of a dragon. He was named after the dragon character from the R.A. MacAvoy book Tea With the Black Dragon. The Chinese word represented by Oolong can mean a black dragon or a type of black tea.

Oolong was around a year old when Bob and Nonie found him on New Years Day in 1989. He was stranded in the median of Interstate 35 in Oklahoma about 16km (10mi) north of the Texas border and terrified by the high-speed traffic on both sides. It took a lot of coaxing to keep him from bolting as we approached. Bob was still a few feet away when Oolong suddenly flung himself into his arms, crying hysterically. Nonie climbed into the back seat with Oolong and held him all the way home.

We drove around the area stopping at farm houses to ask if anyone knew him. Eventually we found his owner. The man had difficulty speaking and didn't always make a lot of sense. He asked if we wanted the dog and said we could have him, so Oolong rode home with us to Austin.

When Rox joined the household Oolong instantly adopted her as his human. He was fiercely devoted to her, defending her against anything that might be a threat. Oolong never bit anyone… because no one was ever foolish enough to ignore his warning growl. Otherwise he was a cheerful beast who liked people. When excited he would spin in tight circles because he just couldn't stand still.

Oolong passed away on July 3, 2001 in the arms of his loved ones. He was Bob's good friend and Roxanne's devoted protector. We will always love and remember him.