Driver Tools

Thick double borders indicate custom tools. Thin double borders indicate semi-custom tools. Thick single borders indicate production tools that have been customized.

Primary Carry

Leatherman Ratchet Driver Leatherman Bit Driver Extender (black) Leatherman Flat Bit Kit Wiha 25mm Micro Bit Adapter


Endeavor Tool Gator Grip Universal Socket


Silca T-Ratchet Ares 70040 Ratchet Driver Topeak Ratchet Victorinox Plus Ratchet Kit Topeak Ratchet Rocket RX Topeak Ratchet Rocket Leatherman Bit Driver Extender (silver) Screwpop Tool Maratac TorqKey Swiss+Tech Screwz-All Hex Bit Adapter for Leatherman Free