Bob Quinlan Mobius Clip-Point

Bob Quinlan Mobius Clip-Point

The Mobius Clip-Point is a simplified variant of my first knife design. It is intended to serve a broad range of tasks. The unusual grip permits several hand positions, both inside and outside the grip.

Bob Quinlan Mobius Clip-Point Gripped Inside

The inside grip provides superior retention and power, as well as fully protecting the hand.

Bob Quinlan Mobius Clip-Point Gripped Outside

The outside grips allows for greater precision, a wider choice of blade positions, and works nicely when wearing gloves.

The lower guard acts as a traditional guard, but it also keeps the hand from sliding forward onto the blade when using an outside grip.

The index-finger grooves provide positive indexing for both grips and help keep the hand in place under stress.

The pinkie-hook at the bottom of the grip keeps the hand firmly in place when using an outside grip. It acts as part of an extended blocking/binding area when using an inside grip. And it can be a striker in either case. Likewise, the thicker area at the bottom of the grip can be used as a striking surface and hammer.

The downward angle of the blade puts it more in line with the natural angle of the wrist. This is particularly important for this design, since the inside grip limits the ability to angle the blade somewhat more than an outside grip.

Maker Bob Quinlan
Model Mobius Clip-Point
Overall Weight 91g (3.2oz)
Length 203mm (8.0")
Thickness 3mm (0.130")
Material ATS-34
Hardness 58-59 HRC
Finish Polished
Blade Length 79mm (3.1")
Grind Hollow
Grip Material Black Cord-Wrap
Sheath Material Black Kydex
Orientation Variable
Attachment TekLok

This was my first attempt to make a knife. I owe special thanks to Brendon Hutton, who brainstormed and traded design critiques with me, and to Phil Tham, who offered advice and helped me make this knife.

Bob Quinlan Mobius Clip-Point (sheathed)