Camillus Southwest Bowie

Camillus Southwest Bowie

Jerry Fisk is widely acknowledged to be one of the best bowie makers ever. This is a high-quality production version of one of his custom designs. It looks great, feel even better, and is far lighter than its size suggests. I never imagined that a knife this big could be so quick and well balanced.

Maker Camillus
Designer Jerry Fisk
Line OVB
Model Southwest Bowie
Item CF0301
Overall Weight 425g (15oz)
Length 406mm (16.0")
Blade Length 287mm (11.3")
Thickness 5mm (0.188")
Grind Flat
Material 0170-6C
Finish Polished
Grip Material Fiddleback Maple
Sheath Material Brown Leather
Orientation Vertical Right
Attachment Belt Stud
Sheath Maker River City Sheaths
Model Southern Comfort
Material Black Kydex
Orientation Vertical Right
Attachment Belt Stud or
Belt Loop
Sheath Maker Survival Sheath Systems
Material Black Kydex
Orientation Across back hanging
downward toward right
Attachment Shoulder Loops
Camillus Southwest Bowie (sheathed)