Günter Böhlke Ironfinger

Günter Böhlke Ironfinger

I am very fond of "finger-hole" knives. I like several production models, but I eventually settled on some features that I wanted and couldn't find. Knifesmith Günter Böhlke had made several knives of this general type and was willing to work with me. He came up with a design that incorporated my ideas, then turned out a work of art.

The recurve is my favorite shape for short-to-medium blades because of its versatility. I wanted a blade under 3.5" to insure good leverage. The finger-hole grip is both secure and comfortable. The dual guards fit against my middle finger and thumb to provide more leverage and finer control. This knife can handle just about any task and do it safely with my full strength behind it.

Maker Günter Böhlke
Model Ironfinger
Custom made
for Bob Quinlan
Overall Weight 96g (3.4oz)
Length 170mm (6.7")
Width 57mm (2.24")
Thickness 14mm (0.55")
Blade Length 84mm (3.3")
Thickness 4mm (0.156")
Grind Hollow
Material CPM S90V
Finish Polished
Grip Material Ironwood
Sheath Material Black Kydex
Orientation Variable
Attachment TekLok
Günter Böhlke Ironfinger (sheathed) Günter Böhlke Ironfinger (gripped)