Kizer Maverick Customs Harpoon

Kizer Maverick Customs Harpoon (green)

I wanted to use this as a neck knife, but it was just a little thick. I removed the plastic spacers from either side of the tang, cut down the barrel bolts that hold it together, and tightened the kydex sheath to fit.

Maker Kizer
Designer Maverick Customs
Model Harpoon
Overall Weight 105g (3.7oz)
Length 192mm (7.57")
Width 25mm (1.25")
Thickness 11.8mm (0.46")
Blade Length 95mm (3.75")
Cutting Edge 94mm (3.70")
Width 32mm (1.25")
Thickness 3mm (0.12")
Grind Flat
Material CPM 10V
Finish Powder Coat
Color Black
Grip Length 98mm (3.86")
Width 25mm (1.0")
Thickness 14mm (0.55")
Material Micarta
Color Green
Sheath Material Kydex
Color Black
Orientation Variable
Attachment TekLok /
Neck Chain
Kizer Maverick Customs Harpoon (green / sheathed)