Rob Simonich Bitteroot

Rob Simonich Bitteroot

This is the smallest practical knife I've handled. The grip is secure and the blade big enough for most tasks. It's small size and light weight make it an outstanding neck knife.

Maker Rob Simonich
Line Mid-Tech
Model Bitteroot
Overall Weight 20g (0.7oz)
Length 102mm (4.0")
Thickness 3mm (0.125")
Material Talonite
Finish Polished
Blade Length 41mm (1.6")
Grind Flat
Grip Length 61mm (2.4")
Sheath Material Carbon Fiber Kydex
Orientation Inverted
Attachment Keychain or
Neck Chain
Sheath Maker On/Scene Tactical
Material Black Kydex
Orientation Variable
Attachment Neck Chain or
Rob Simonich Bitteroot (sheathed)