Stone River Skinning Neck Knife

Stone River Skinning Neck Knife

The grip came with a paracord wrap that was thicker than I wanted to wear. Shrink wrap tubing provides a comfortable and secure grip while adding very little thickness.

Maker Stone River
Model Skinning Neck Knife
Overall Weight 31g (1.1oz)
Length 140mm (5.5")
Material White Ceramic
(Zirconium Oxide)
Blade Length 52mm (2.0")
Thickness 3m (0.118")
Grind Hollow
Grip Length 88mm (3.5")
Thickness 4m (0.157")
Material Black Heat Shrink Tubing
Sheath Material Black Kydex
Weight 12g (0.4oz)
Orientation Inverted
Attachment Keychain or
Neck Chain