Review of Artemis Defense Systems HideAway Knife

HideAway Curvy
Maker Artemis Defense Systems
Designer FrontSight
Artist Neil Blackwood
Model HideAway Knife
Overall Weight 31g (1.1oz)
Length 94mm (3.7")
Thickness 3.3mm (0.128")
Material CPM S30V
Blade Length 51mm (2.0")

This clever design from "FrontSight" of Artemis Defense Systems takes the finger-hole grip concept to a new level. It replaces the conventional "handle" grip with a two-finger ring. While this does not allow you to apply quite as much leverage as a four-finger grip, it is also far more secure. The large ring permits an extremely fast draw and presentation. It also allows you to "wear" the knife while performing other tasks. You can grapple, fire a gun, or even type without putting down the knife. And the whole thing is small enough to hide behind a playing card or, more to the point, a wide collar or lapel.

HideAway Models

I chose the "Curvy" (clip-point recurve) model, but you can also get the HideAway Knife with straight (Wharncliffe), hook (hawkbill), hybrid, and straight double-edged blade shapes in S30V or titanium. You can also choose from an amazing variety of innovative sheathing options from neck and belt sheaths to badge holders and bra clips.

HideAway Curvy Sheathed

Each HideAway Knife is custom made based on a measurement of the user's hand. The CAD-generated and watercut blanks are shipped to professional knifemakers to be ground and finished. (There are some impressive names in that group.) You can specify who you want to work on your knife or you can take the luck of the draw if you want faster delivery. Considering the custom work and quality materials I think the prices are quite reasonable.

My experiences with my HideAway have been all good! It came beautifully finished and as sharp as any knife I've used. It fits my hand perfectly. Even heavy or long-term use is quite comfortable. The carry options have come in handy and made it easy for me to keep it with me all the time.

I'm a big fan of recurves so the "Curvy" model was an obvious choice for me. This is a well-designed version of the concept. Even that short 51mm (2") blade allows me to use the various parts of the recurve for different tasks. The tip is fine enough for precise work, but seems plenty strong. The high hollow grind cuts effortlessly. (Note that other grinds are also available.)

HideAway Comparison

The HideAway's unusual grip provides fine control as well as more power than I expected. The bottom of the ring has an indentation that braces it against the ring finger. The top of the blade has an excellent thumb rest. The angle and length of the blade puts it just where your index finger would be if you extended it. This gives you instinctive control of both the edge and the point. You don't have to think about where this knife is or where it's going, just point and cut.

I have mostly used my HideAway for routine tasks, but I did try a few defensive drills with it. The results were impressive. My curvy's belly makes it easy to perform long deep slashes. The way the grip locks into my hand puts real power behind them. The blade angle lines up the point perfectly for use with a natural punch and it hits with the impact of a push dagger.

HideAway Trainer

The HideAway is one of those rare weapons that can be used effectively with little or no special training. It becomes a part of your hand and can be used instinctively. However, any weapon becomes more effective with training and the HideAway makes training safe and easy. You can buy a blunted aluminum trainer model and a matching sheath. There is even a DVD, featuring an experienced hand-to-hand combat instructor, demonstrating how to fight with the HideAway.

The HideAway immediately became an everyday carry for me. It is small, light, comfortable, versatile, and very effective. What more could you ask?