Hamilton Pool

The Hamilton Pool Preserve is a county park near Austin, Texas. The pool itself is part of a natural formation created by the action of Hamilton Creek flowing through an area of soft rock layers. The canyon where the creek leaves the pool is also a part of the preserve.

The canyon downstream from Hamilton Pool has its own unique ecosystem. It contains sub-species of plants and animals that are not found anywhere else. Its combination of shade and water are very different from the surrounding environment above.


You can see the cliffs that form the canyon by looking up… Under the surface you can sometimes see fish and turtles.

The pool extends from under a partial dome of rock dripping with stalagtites formed by the falling water.


Hamilton Creek spreads out to flow over the broken edge of the dome. It forms a curtain across the pool. This is one waterfall that is easy to get behind.

The main bed of the stream creates a denser fall of water over one of the large rocks in the pool. Swimmers often climb up on the rock for a natural shower.


Hamilton Pool offers a unique beauty. You can see the whole thing at once, but there are a variety of wonderful details to reward more careful exploration.