Knife Designs by Bob Quinlan

Bob Quinlan Mobius Clip-Point

I began designing knives long before I realized that I wanted to make them too. Finally, with a lot of help and encouragement, I have begun to learn the craft. It's exciting to see some of my ideas turned into actual steel!

My designs have been influenced, at least to some extent, by every knife I've ever seen. I have been particularly inspired by the work of Sal Glesser, Fred Perrin, Bob Dozier, and FrontSight. I owe special thanks to Brendon Hutton, who brainstormed and traded design critiques with me. And I could never have made my first knife without all of the advice, encouragement, instruction, and hands-on help that I got from Phil Tham.

I try to design and make knives that are practical, functional, and comfortable. Pretty would be nice too, but only after the others factors have been covered. …as you can probably tell.

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Bob Quinlan Mobius Clip-Point Bob Quinlan Alien Scalpel